Salt water disposal tanks

Saltwater Disposal Services

Common Disposal, LLC utilizing state-of-art equiptment can dispose up to 25,000 barrels of salt water per day at its main location just north of San Augustine. Four more sites are currently under construction near Geneva, Patroon and Center, Texas.

24 hour Dispatcher - 936-288-3110

Common Disposal Truck

Vacuum Truck Services

Common Disposal's fleet of more than 20 trucks are available 24/7 to handle all of your fluid need. Fast and reliable you can count on Common Disposal to get the job done.

Truck loading fresh water

Fresh Water for sale

Common Disposal also offers fresh water for your drilling needs.

Sodium Plant

Sodium Process Plant

Started operation in Decemeber 2010. The sodium plant will produce any percentage of NaCLl that is needed for drilling or other operations.

Truck disposing of salt water

Drilling Site preparation

Common Disposal offers drilling site preparation and construction

Frac Trucks

Rental Equiptment

Common Disposal has frac tanks, gus busters and trucks available for rent.

Light Plant

Light Plants

Common Disposal have serveral light plants available for rent